Go Premium Blue

We've spent the last 6 months publishing original content to a legion of FarmTV fans and the time has come for us to roll out the next big change to the platform. We've introduced a two-tier system with FREE content staying in the green colour scheme and the PREMIUM content has now adopted a blue colour scheme.

The good news is we've still got a pile of videos in the pipeline and as our fans know, we're committed to getting them delivered. Login as usual to see our FREE videos and PREVIEWS of everything in the PREMIUM library. You can UPGRADE your account when you want more for only £5/month, or if you know you're here to stay, we're offering 20% discount at £48/year. That buys you UNLIMITED access to EVERYTHING including all our new videos and extras which once again, our fans know is hours of content. It's time to grow this channel by reaching for another gear and you're able to make that happen - GO PREMIUM BLUE!

Here's Brian and Mark talking about it if you've just skipped past the text :)

Posted in FarmTV, VideoPost on Dec 13, 2016