Robotic Rollout

Episode 10 features Drumrammer Farms based near Ahoghill, Ballymena where we get an introduction to the family run operation. Victor Turtle explains the decision to move into an all robotic milking setup which was no small choice with a herd size in excess of 500 cows. We caught up with him at the half way stage of the conversion from the parlour, meaning the farm was still running the two milking systems in parallel. With the commissioning of his second batch of 4 Lely Astronaut machines due weeks later, bringing the total setup to 8 robotic milkers, this is the largest intallation by Lely in Ireland to date. We followed the switch on of the second phase in a later episode to get into the details of adapting the herd to the automated process, meanwhile this episode gives a broader introduction to the concept.

Posted in Livestock on Sep 10, 2016