Storm in a tractor cab

So we've had an article written about one of our blog posts featuring John and his children in the cab of a tractor. Here's the timeline of recent events:

Thur 27th Oct - "Smoke or Po" video posted to multiple social media channels

Sat 29th Oct - After thousands of views and hundreds of comments across all social media channels, the first negative comment is posted to facebook: "It's one thing putting your kids in a tractor for a sail but videoing it and sticking it on Facebook for all to see is not wise. HSENI will be knocking your door son. You rattled on about this slurry ban and the dangers of slurry. What about the dangers of carrying that precious load in the tractor cab? Engage the brain young John..."

Monday 31st Oct - John McClean is contacted by a Belfast Telegraph journalist for a comment about the safety of the video. After confirming the response would be given over email by Tuesday 1st Nov, the journalist set a deadline of 6pm. John was not available to respond within this timeframe.

Tuesday 1st Nov - The Belfast Telegraph run a print & digital edition story featuring the video

Tuesday 1st Nov - The FarmTV team post a response to social media about the making of the video

Wednesay 2nd Nov - John posts a response to social media correcting editorial mistakes and asking the community for a wider discussion on the subject and clarity around the law

Wednesay 2nd Nov - Independent picks up the story quoting John's response to the bigger issue here which is improving safety around kids in tractor cabs

Posted in FarmTV, VideoPost, Machinery on Nov 02, 2016