Tornado Talk

It's been another busy week at FarmTV and a decent spell of weather has kept us on our toes with the camerawork. If you're a regular blog follower you'll already know we've had Jimmy Doherty out with us a few weeks ago when we went to see a Lely Welger RPC245 Tornado in action (that name is quite a mouthful). We were keen to find out if Lely's claims of balers to beat the Irish market leader McHale were to be believed and Jimmy was the man in the interviewer seat to find out the facts. If you've seen Jimmy on camera before you might be surprised to see another side of the Legend as he discussed all aspects of the Tornado with owner operator Darragh Rutledge. The good news for fans of Jimmy's normal banter levels is that we gave him the opportunity to entertain us on route to the filming and we've a highlights clip of the journey coming later this week.

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Posted in Machinery on Aug 28, 2016