More Information

Where can I purchase the 3 Months Access to FarmFliX?
You can purchase the access at the Official FarmFLiX Online Store or at this direct link.

How much does 3 Months FarmFLiX cost?
One simple payment of £20.00.

What do I get?
FarmFLiX will email you a unique Membership Code within 24 hours of your order. Upon redeeming your code, you will have:

  • Instant access to over 200 HD videos of quality agricultural content.
  • A wide range of exclusive, original episodes, agricultural series, yard tours and more.
  • A brand new episode published every week... guaranteed!
  • Zero restrictions on how much you watch. No ads or hidden costs.

How do I redeem my Membership Code?
Easy! You can activate your code online at Simply follow the instructions presented.

Can this be used on existing FarmFLiX accounts?
Yes! This code will UNLOCK existing accounts who currently have no access (we operate as a closed membership and only open the doors to join FarmFLiX once a year, so don't miss this opportunity).